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Sapone Piatti solido

The Real Eco detergent

Good for your Home
& for The Planet

You can make the difference even with little gesture. 'Cause using less it's the best thing.

Check it out the essentials products for home cleaning! 

A Small Start-Up Company

With Real Love

We are a Small company hold by women that share the passion and love for nature and minimal living. We are focused on developing the best solutions to a Real Home Cleaning Eco Friendly Line.
Focus on Sustainability

We evaluate every aspect of our products, the place of production, the packaging, the transport and the feedback from our customers

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Plant Based Ingredients

We are totally transparent about the ingredients that are used and we always try to improve our formulas so that they are as green as possible

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Made with Love & Passion

We choose a minimal and plastic free lifestyle in our products and in our lives because we are convinced that it is a first small step towards a better future

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"To Have More Buy Less"

In our catalogue you will find only the home cleaning essential items.  You don't need 1000 different products, you just need the right ones!
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100% Real Plastic Free

Paper packaging is not always 100% paper! Many products on the market have plastic film packaging! We pack all our products by hand and only use compostable films!

Dish Wash Solid Bar

Ultra degreasing but gentle on the skin

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Powder Eco Detergent

Discover our home powder eco detergent.

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The All-in-One Soap

Do you like Marseille Soap? It's a must-have for the perfect cleaning in "Minimal Eco Style"

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We always try to give
our Real Best

For us, creating an eco-sustainable product means taking into consideration various factors. Balancing them in the best possible way is a challenge that keeps us busy and active on a daily basis,
Packaging Material
Formulas & Ingredients
Compostability & Recyclability

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